Technical Tutorial:
"Verification and Automation Improvement Using IP-XACT"

Presented by members of the IP-XACT Technical Committee at the Design and Verification Conference (DVCon) 2012 on February 27, this video tutorial focuses on providing an opportunity to learn more about IP-XACT and how this standard can be used to enhance your IP based design and verification flow.

John Swanson    

Part 1: Improving Verification Efficiency using IP-XACT

John Swanson, Synopsys
View Presentation (20 min.)

Kamlesh Pathak    

Part 2: User Presentation: Verification and Automation Improvement Using IP-XACT

Kamlesh Pathak, STMicroelectronics
View Presentation (16 min.)

David Murray    

Part 3: IP-XACT and UVM

David Murray, Duolog Technologies
View Presentation (22 min.)

Sylvain Duvillard    

Part 4: IP-XACT Extensions

Sylvain Duvillard, Magillem Design Services
View Presentation (18 min.)

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