Technical Tutorial:
"SystemC: Focusing on High-Level Synthesis and Functional Coverage for SystemC"

UPFPresented the Design and Verification Conference (DVCon) 2019, this tutorial provides an overview on High-Level Synthesis (HLS) with a discussion on data types and model structure as well as lessons learned. It also includes Functional Coverage for SystemC and a brief update on the Accellera SystemC Working Groups.

Part 1: High-Level Synthesis with SystemC: An Introduction

Fred Doucet, Facebook
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Part 2: High-Level Synthesis: Model Structure and Data Types

Mike Meredith, Cadence
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Part 3: High-Level Synthesis: Lessons Learned - Intel's Experience

Bob Condon, Intel
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Part 4: Functional Coverage for SystemC (FC4SC)

Dragos Dospinescu, AMIQ
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Part 5: Accellera SystemC Working Group Update

Martin Barnasconi, NXP
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