SystemC Day 2011 Video Presentations

Co-located at the Design and Verification Conference (DVCon) 2011 on February 28, the second annual SystemC Day brought users together to discuss the newest advancements in sustainable and flexible solutions for ESL design.

Jim Hogan    

Keynote: "Navigating the SoC Era"

Jim Hogan, Vista Ventures LLC, California, USA
View Presentation (23 min.)

John Aynsley    

The New IEEE 1666 SystemC Standard

John Aynsley, Doulos Ltd., UK
View Presentation (29 min.)

Cicerone Mihalache    

Low-cost SystemC Acceleration on Multi-core GNU/Linux Platforms

Cicerone Mihalache, Kotys LLC, USA
View Presentation (20 min.)

Knute Lingaard    

TLM Methodology to Enable Architecture Exploration via Co-simulation of SystemC Models with Legacy C/C++ Models

Knute Lingaard (presenter) & Navaneet Kumar (author) FreeScale, USA/India
View Presentation (20 min.)

Ali Poursepanj    

A Common System Memory Model for SoC Software and Architecture Models using a SystemC/TLM-2.0 Interface

Ali Poursepanj, LSI, NCD System Architecture Group, USA
View Presentation (11 min.)

Eric Lish    

OSCI Update

Eric Lish, OSCI Chairman
View Presentation (18 min.)


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