Technical Tutorial:
"SystemVerilog Design: User Experience Defines Multi-Tool, Multi-Vendor Language Working Set"

SystemVerilogPresented the Design and Verification Conference (DVCon) 2015, this tutorial brings together SystemVerilog users who describe their motivations for using SystemVerilog, the success and failures they encountered along the way and the productivity gains achieved.

Part 1: Ways Design Engineers Can Benefit from the Use of SystemVerilog Assertions

Stuart Sutherland, Sutherland HDL
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Part 2: Experience from Four Years of SVD Adoption

Junette Tan, PMC
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Part 3: No Excuses for Not Using SystemVerilog in Your Next Design

Mike Schaffstein, Qualcomm
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Part 4: Panel Discussion

Panelists: Stuart Sutherland, Sutherland HDL; Junette Tan, PMC; Mike Schaffstein, Qualcomm
(26 min.)

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