Technical Tutorial:
"SystemC Design and Verification – Solidifying the Abstraction Above RTL"


UPFEach year the EDA community makes critical advances in SystemC. As we do, the momentum toward SystemC as the primary point of entry above RTL becomes more tantalizing. Will this be the year your team makes the leap? This tutorial could answer that question for you.

This tutorial focuses on three key components that could help you make that decision: design, modeling, and testbench. We start by examining the latest advances in the SystemC language including the synthesizable subset and CCI configuration. A discussion of modeling for high-performance simulation follows to complete our view of the overall design. Of course, we need to verify this fast-running design with a testbench approach that can be reused at RTL so we’ll discuss how to apply the emerging UVM-SystemC standard.

The tutorial is split into three sections:



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