Technical Tutorial:
"Software-Driven Verification Using TLM-2.0 Virtual Platforms"

Presented at the Design and Verification Conference (DVCon) 2011 on February 28, this tutorial provides both a detailed technology overview of software-driven verification techniques using loosely-timed SystemC TLM-2.0 based virtual platforms, and real-world case studies describing how these techniques benefit design teams.

David Black    

Part 1: How We Got Here

David Black, XtremeEDA Corporation
View Presentation (21 min.)

John Aynsley    

Part 2: Software-Driven Verification Using TLM-2.0 Virtual Platforms

John Aynsley, Doulos
View Presentation (55 min.)

Bill Bunton    

Part 3: LSI Axxia™ VDP Verification Using SystemC TLM-2.0

Bill Bunton, LSI Corporation
View Presentation (25 min.)

Volkan Esen    

Part 4: Software-Driven Test Environment for TLM-IP Verification

Volkan Esen, Infineon Technologies
View Presentation (30 min.)

Trevor Wieman    

Part 5: TLM-2.0 Hybrid Virtual Platforms

Trevor Wieman, Intel Corporation
View Presentation (27 min.)

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