Technical Tutorial:
"IEEE-Compatible UVM Reference Implementation and Verification Components"


UVMOn April 11, 2017, the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) approved the IEEE 1800.2™ Standard for Universal Verification Methodology (UVM). For the tens of thousands of UVM verification engineers, this milestone connects teams to a standard recognized worldwide. However, the milestone does come with change. On one hand, there are many improvements and new features in the IEEE standard. On the other hand, there are changes to the both the standardized and undocumented APIs that many engineers accessed in the Accellera reference implementation to build their verification components.

This tutorial introduces engineers to the new reference implementation aligned with IEEE 1800.2 created by the Accellera UVM Working Group. The speakers use the new reference implementation to describe the new features and changes relative to UVM 1.2. Viewers will learn the steps they need to take to update their verification components to be IEEE-compatible. Code examples will help viewers gain the practical knowledge they need to adopt the IEEE 1800.2™ Standard for UVM.

The tutorial is split into five sections:



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